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  • To check compatibility with your iPhone, please install TricCam Lite (free) app to verify photo function before placing an order.
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  • Due to regulations and system limitations, currently we cannot accept orders from Brazil and Taiwan.

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Tric: the first wireless Xenon flash trigger for iPhone


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Taking photos under low lights on your iPhone is a challenge. Without a way to properly light your scene, photos turn out looking too dark or unevenly lit. There have been a few devices that have tried to make lighting better on your phone, but none of them compare to professional Xenon flashes or strobes.

Introducing Tric: the world’s first wireless flash trigger for smartphones

We developed a patent-pending technology to synchronize the iPhone camera and external Xenon flash units. Now photographers can use speedlights or studio strobes with their iPhones. Tric is incredibly easy to use: just attach a flash unit to Tric, turn it on, launch the app and start shooting.

Actual photo taken with iPhone + Tric

Significant improvement in color performance


Maximum sync speed is limited, No TTL, iPhone only

  • Supported iOS devices and their maximum sync speeds are shown in the following table.
  iSight Camera FaceTime Camera*
iPhone 5s 1/30 1/30
iPhone 6/6 Plus 1/30 1/60
iPhone 6s/6s Plus 1/45 1/30
iPhone 7/7 Plus* 1/45 1/30
iPhone 8/8 Plus* 1/45 1/30
iPhone X* 1/45 1/30
iPhone SE 1/45 1/30
iPod touch (2015) 1/30 1/60

* FaceTime and telephoto cameras require paid TricCam app.

  • X-sync only; no TTL. Need to manually control the flash output for the proper exposure.

Because of these limitations, Tric is not meant for everyone. For those who want to use external flash units for iPhone photography, please try Tric.


  • Size: 64mm x 40mm x 39mm
  • Weight: 38g (batteries not included)
  • Supported iOS device: iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, X, SE, iPod touch(6th gen.) with iOS 8 or newer
  • Supported flash unit*: Speedlight with standard hot shoe** or studio strobe with PC terminal
  • Attaches by: ¼ inch attachment type or standard accessory shoe
  • Battery: Two AAA batteries

* Please note that Tric does not provide high-voltage sync protection, and cannot be used with flash units that have any more than 50V.

** Tric’s hotshoe is designed for small flash unit. For larger flash unit, please use a sync cable. Use extra caution when it’s attached to a light stand/tripod. Tric is not responsible for the damaged flash unit.

TricCam App

TricCam Lite is a free app with the following features:

  • Connect to one Tric
  • Adjustable ISO
  • Tap to focus; lock focus

TricCam is a paid app which has the following additional features:

  • Connect up to four Tric
  • Adjustable shutter speed
  • Adjustable white balance
  • Manual focus
  • Support FaceTime, Telephoto* camera
  • Show grid
  • Adjustable JPEG compression quality
  • Save photo in TIFF (LZW, lossless compressed) format

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