Q1. Does Tric work with Android?

A1. No, currently Tric only support iPhone and iPod touch.

Q2. Which iPhone and iPod are supported?

A2. The following iOS devices are supported:

  • iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus or newer
  • iPod touch 6th generation (2015) or newer
Q3. Why shutter speed is limited to 1/45 or 1/30 seconds?

A3. It is due to the limitation of the image sensor performance.

Q4. What kind of flash unit is supported?

A4. Any flash unit with hot shoe or PC sync terminal. Recommend to use flash units with manual output control.

Q5. Is TTL or High Speed Sync (HS) supported?

A5. No, neither TTL nor high speed sync is supported.

Q6. How many Tric devices can an app connect to?

A6. TricCam app can connect up to four Tric flash triggers. TricCam Lite app can only connect to one Tric flash trigger.

Q7. What are the differences between TricCam and TricCam Lite?

A7. TricCam Lite is a free app with the following features:

  • Connect to one Tric flash trigger
  • Adjustable ISO
  • Tap to focus; lock focus

TricCam is a paid app which has the following additional features:

  • Connect up to four Tric flash triggers
  • Adjustable shutter speed
  • Adjustable white balance
  • Manual focus
  • Support FaceTime, Telephoto* camera
  • Show grid
  • Adjustable JPEG compression quality
  • Save photo in TIFF (LZW, lossless compressed) format



1. Tric LED doesn't light.
  • Use two new AAA batteries
  • Make sure the positive and negative ends are facing the correct direction
  • Turn the switch on
2. It didn't flash!
  • Make sure TricCam or TricCam Lite app is running, but not both
  • Make sure Tric is switched on and LED is not flashing
  • Make sure the flash unit is properly installed to the hot shoe, or connected through a proper PC terminal cable
  • Make sure the flash unit is powered on and not in sleep mode
  • Make sure the flash unit is in Manual Mode, not any TTL mode
  • If TricCam app’s sync button does not turn to green, restart Tric and/or TricCam app
3. Photo is only partially exposed by flash, or there is a dark line or area on photo

This means Tric and TricCam app are not synced. Try the following:

  • Set Shutter Speed to 1/30 seconds if using paid TricCam app
  • Make sure Settings app -> TricCam/TricCam Lite -> Auto Exposure is OFF
  • Wait for 20 seconds and try again
  • Tap the sync button on TricCam app
  • Restart Tric and/or TricCam app